Seungri Involved in Car Accident, No Serious Injuries and Not Drunk-Driving

– According to KBS, around 3:30AM, Seungri’s Porsche hit a Mercedes in the next lane towards Ilsan on Gangbyeonbuk-ro. (Source)

– The car Seungri was riding on the morning of the 12th hit the rail and and flipped upside down. (Source)

– Two people who were in the Benz went to the hospital. Seungri took an ambulance but was taken home. (Source)

– According to YG Entertainment, Seungri has not been injured. The hospital has said he is fine. It was not drunk driving. (Source)

– Yongsan Police Station cites that Seungri was driving the car, alone, but clarifies that he wasn’t in a state of intoxication. They have explained that the cause is still unknown and are looking into the possibility of overspeeding. Currently, the accident is being investigated and are expected to summon those who involved. (Source)

Translations from @kristinekwak and Koreaboo

via BBU

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